Completed Projects

  1. Project Title: Integrated management of crop-fish-water resources to enhance agricultural production systems towards sustainable food security in Bangladesh

Funded by: Netherlands Organisation for International Cooperation in Higher Education (NUFFIC)

Project code: NICHE-BGD-156

Total budget: EUR 2.5 million

Project period: 2013-2017

Project Partners: IIFS, Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU); Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council (BARC) | Centre for Development Innovation, Wageningen University & Research Centre (WUR), the Netherlands; Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand; University of the Philippines Los Baños; Can Tho University, Vietnam.

Overall objective of the project: Strengthening the capacity for interdisciplinary agricultural education and research in the disciplines of crop, fish and water for sustainable food security in Bangladesh.

Specific objective: BAU and BARC develop and implement interdisciplinary education and research in the areas of crop, fish and water, taking into account gender and labour market needs.

Planned outputs: (i) An institute of integrated studies on crop-fish and water resource management is established at BAU; (ii) Core teaching and research staff of BAU & BARC/NARS trained in interdisciplinary approach; (iii) A Research program is developed based on national research priorities & research skills are strengthened; (iv) Consultancy skills are strengthened in the integrated disciplines of crop-water- and fishery; (v) Laboratory infrastructure is developed and laboratory technicians are trained; (vi) Gender is mainstreamed in the new educational and research program; and (vii) The new educational, research and consultancy program respond to the labour market needs.

  1. Project Title: Poverty squares and gender circles: unravelling agriculture gaps, challenges and opportunities in the Eastern Gangetic Plains.

Funded by: WLE, CGIAR

Project Partners: Lead - Water Resources Management Group, Wageningen University and Research Centre (WUR) | Consortium partners - International Water Management Institute (IWMI), Nepal; Madhesh Foundation (NEMAF), North Bengal University (NBU), India; South Asia Consortium for Interdisciplinary Water Resources Studies (SaciWATERS), IIFS, Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU).

Project objectives: Bridging gender “know-do” gaps in situations of increasing uncertainty. The project comprises of three inter-linked activities which collaboratively aim to reduce gender inequalities in the face evolving governance, economic and environmental changes, by: i) generating new knowledge applicable for development practice and ii) building capacity of relevant stakeholders and actors. The activities address two core WLE CGIAR concerns: remediating the gender bias in agriculture-related interventions; and demonstrating that a viable ecosystem enhances the capacity of poor communities to sustainably develop in an increasingly uncertain world.

  1. Project Title: Sprouted fodder production for sustainable improvement of small-holder dairying in the South-West rural Bangladesh.

Funded by: SaFaL (Sustainable Agriculture Food Security and Linkages) Project, Solidaridad Network Asia

Project period: 2015-2017

  1. Designing IPM for eggplant in Bangladesh 
  2. Women and Entrepreneurship: Contribution to steady livelihoods in a traditional environment
  3. Ecosystem services and livelihood interaction in the light of water management in haor areas of Bangladesh
  4. Pesticide fate in soil-water-plant ecosystem and related environmental risks in some vulnerable areas of Bangladesh
  5. Forecasting Information and Agricultural Risk management in Jamalpur District of Bangladesh
  6. Influence of inter-cultural differences in collaborative innovation tasks
  7. Effects of pesticides on aquatic biodiversity and ecosystem services in Bangladesh
  8. Designing and testing of cropping systems in the haor areas of Bangladesh