Professional MS in Sustainable Agriculture & Food Security

Professional MS in Sustainable Agriculture & Food Security

[A WEEKEND-TAUGHT Program for professionals  working in the field of agriculture, livestock, fisheries, food security, food safety, rural development and other relevant disciplines]


(for October 2022- March 2023 Semester)

[Application Deadline: 16 October 2022]


Interdisciplinary Institute for Food Security (IIFS) is a unique institute at Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU), Mymensingh contributing to the development and dissemination of new knowledge on food security in Bangladesh by virtue of its access to highly skilled experts and educators from multiple disciplines and sectors, from within BAU and from its external network. As a part of its academic programs IIFS offers weekend courses leading to MS in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security for Professionals working in the field of agriculture, food security, food safety and rural development. IIFS now invites application for enrollment of students in professional MS in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security program to be commenced in October 2022.


Programme overview

The MS in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security program focuses on the following  areas:

  • Agro-ecosystems and conservative use of natural resources
  • Economic and livelihood issues of agricultural production systems
  • Social structure and gender issues of agrarian community
  • Crop, livestock and fish production systems, policies and programs
  • Economic and social drivers of food access
  • Relation between food, human nutrition and health status
  • Vulnerability of food security in disaster and human resilience to disaster
  • Research methodology and project management
  • Leadership, managerial and communication skills

Course duration and credits

  • 3 semesters (2 semesters for course work and 1 semester for dissertation)
  • Total 42 credits (Course work 26 credits, research 16 credits)

Eligibility for admission 

  1. Candidates for admission into MS in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security (Professional) must possess a Bachelor of Science or DVM degree from BAU or an equivalent degree from other university including an MBBS degree, with at least 3 (three) years job experience


  • three-year bachelor degree and masters or 4-year bachelor degree in biological sciences / natural sciences / social sciences / business studies with at least 3 (three) years job experience in the field of agriculture / food security / food safety / rural development.
  1. The candidate must have secured a minimum GPA of 2.5 out of 4.0 or 3.5 out of 5.0 or equivalent marks in annual system.

Numbers of seats are limited. Candidates will be selected on the basis of merit.


Candidates fulfilling the eligibility criteria should apply using prescribed application form available from Pubali Bank Limited, University Campus Branch, BAU, Mymensingh, starting from 00/00/2021.

Online application link :

Completed application must be submitted to IIFS by: 16 October 2022.


For further information, such as course fee, please contact us: Interdisciplinary Institute for Food Security, Old K.B. College Building, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh-2202, Bangladesh, Phone: 01752 30695001797 469073; Email:


Curriculum Layout for MS in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security

April – September SEMESTER (17 Credits)

Compulsory courses (10 credits)

  • Agricultural Production Systems and Policy
  • Economics of Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security
  • Gender in Agriculture and Food Security
  • Climate Smart Agriculture and Disaster Management
  • Case study: Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security

Elective courses (4 credits; any 2 courses)

  • Human Nutrition and Health
  • Leadership and Communication in Organization
  • Sustainable Crop Production and Protection
  • Sustainable Livestock Production and Health Management
  • Sustainable Aquaculture and Fisheries
  • Integrated Watershed Management

Research (3 credits)

October – March SEMESTER (15 Credits)

Compulsory courses (8 credits)

  • Agricultural Ecosystems and Natural Resource Management
  • Rural Social Structure
  • Food Quality and Safety
  • Project Planning and Management

Elective courses (4 credits; 2 courses)

  • Entrepreneurship, Agribusiness and Value Chain Development
  • Statistical Methods
  • Agriculture and Environment
  • Soil Fertility and Conservation Agriculture
  • Organic Agriculture
  • Remote Sensing, GIS and Precision Agriculture

Research (3 credits)

THESIS SEMESTER (10 credits)

  • Research (2 credits)
  • Thesis Evaluation (5 credits)
  • Thesis defense (3 credits)