Short Courses

Short Courses developed and offered by IIFS, on demand:

(i)           Gender & Rural Development (GRD)

(ii)          Organic Agriculture (OA)

(iii)         Application of Statistical Methods for Agricultural Data by SPSS

(iv)         Monosex Tilapia Hatchery & Culture Management

(v)          Para Vet Training for Community Livestock Service Providers

(vi)         Homestead Mushroom Culture by Rural Women

(vii)        Artificial Insemination for Producing High Yielding Dairy Cattle

(viii)       Food Processing for Small Business

(ix)         Integrated Pest Management

(x)          GIS Application in Agriculture

(xi)         Beef Cattle Fattening

(xii)        Poultry Rearing in Rural Area

(xiii)       Project Management

(xiv)       Quality & Safety Issues on Horticultural Products

(xv)        Integrated Fish-Vegetable Cultivation

(xvi)       Homestead Vegetable Cultivation

(xvii)      Crab Fattening

(xviii)     Organic Shrimp Farming

(xix)       Bee Keeping