Food Quality & Safety Lab

Food Quality & Safety Lab (FQSL)

Establishment of IIFS's FQSL was funded by NUFFIC's NICHE-BGD-156 project during 2013-2019.

FAO's Food Safety Project in Bangladesh provided technical advice for laboratory installation and operation.

Presently FQSL is providing research and commercial laboratory services in food afety using the following instruments/lab supports.

Name of the Instrument/Test Unit Parameter Source

High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) equipped with:

HPLC analyzer, Rotary Evaporator with Standard Accessories,

Vacuum Filtration System, Nitrogen Evaporator,

Stomacher Laboratory Paddle Blender,

Solid Phase Extraction Vacuum manifold


Antibiotics & Residues,

Aflatoxins, Amino Acids

Feed, Chicken,

Egg, Meat,

Human Food

Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS) equipped with:

Digestion Unit, High Speed Filter

AS, Cd, Se, Pb, Fe,

Mn, Zn, Ca, Cu

Feed, Chicken, Egg,

Human Food, Fish,



Proximate Analyzer Unit equipped with:

Laboratory Muffle Furnace, Moisture Analyzer, Solvent Extractor,

Distillation Unit, Digestion Unit, Desiccators Cabinet,

Ceramic Digital Stirring Hotplates, High Speed Blender

Proximate Compositions

(Protein, Lipid,

Carbohydrate, Ash, Fiber,


Feed, Food,



Pesticide & Residues,

Hormone Assay

Vegetables, Fruits,

Milk, Meat, Chicken

Microbiology Lab equipped with:

Biosafety Cabinet, Colony Counter, Autoclave, Hot Air Oven (sterilizer),

Vortex Mixer, Ultrasonic Cleaner, Incubator, -25C Freezer,

Microscope with digital imaging, pH meter, Homogenizer,

Ultrasonic Digital Bath with Timer, Recirculation Water Bath,

Distilled Water Apparatus, Refrigerated Micro Centrifuge,

Centrifuge Machine

Microbial Load,

Isolation & Identification

of Pathogenic Bacteria

Feed, Food, Soil,

Vegetables, Processed Food,

Meat, Milk, Fish, Water

Conductivity Meter

Check Conductivity

of Aqueous Phase

Water, Waste Water,


Samples (liquids)

Lab Correspondence:


     Laboratory Technician, FQSL


     Phone: 01710-223127