Organic Agriculture

One-week long Organic Agriculture training is equipped with the following contents.

  • Fundamentals of Organic Agriculture- Concept of organic agriculture (OA), principles and aim of OA , importance of OA, development of OA, organic quality control system.
  • Organic Soil Management and Crop Nutrition–composting, mulching, green manuring, cover crops, crop recycling, mulching, organic matter management in soil under Bangladesh context.
  • Integrated Farm Management under Organic Agriculture- crop rotation, management of organic waste, permaculture, polyculture, biodynamics.
  • Pest, Disease and Weed Management- Organic pest & disease management, natural enemies, natural pesticides, weed management.
  • Organic Animal Husbandry- Keeping Animals, feeding animals, animal health and breeding.
  • Organic Aquaculture- Concept of organic aquaculture, regulations for organic aquaculture certification, feed and feeding in organic aquaculture, aquaponics as a means of organic aquaculture practice.
  • Food Quality- Food safety and food quality, principles of food control: Issues for consideration, developing national food control strategy, strengthening organizational structures for national food control systems.
  • Farm Economy- The economic performance of organic farms, conversion to organic farming.
  • Organic Product Marketing-Certified organic logo, domestic and export market of organic products, laws and regulations of organic product marketing, price premium, consumers choices and demand of organic products, organic food processing, organic market regulatory authorities.